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10 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Mansions

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Years ago in the late 1980s and early 1990s, pop culture fans would gather around the television to watch Robin Leach host “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” which offered a brief look into the homes of the wealthiest people in the world. After “Lifestyles” ended, MTV followed suit with their own spin, giving their show a younger and hipper name: “Cribs.” When “Cribs” ended, pop culture fans no longer had a look into some of the fanciest homes in the world.

Just because “Cribs” and “Lifestyles” both ended doesn’t mean that fans lost interest in seeing some of the fanciest homes of the world’s leading celebrities. As celebs continue to spend millions upon millions to live in luxury, fans follow pop magazines and the web to gain a sneak peak in the lifestyles of the rich and famous (see what we did there?). While most of us dream of having bank accounts with millions and billions, celebrities don’t think twice about spending a huge chunk of change on extravagant mansions.

Whether someone is an actor, athlete, or an entrepreneur, keeping up with the Joneses is obviously a necessity as homes continue to grow in size and luxury. Which mansions are the most expensive and who lives in them? We found 10 of the most expensive mansions across the United States that will leave you in awe to wonder how one person can live in such a large space. Here are the mansions that’ll drop your jaw, starting with a baseball slugger’s home in the Sunshine State.

#10 – Alex Rodriguez ($24 Million)

Alex-RodriguezAlex Rodriguez (or simply A-Rod, to most sports fans) was one of the most exciting baseball prospects of all-time. After being selected first in the MLB Draft by the Seattle Mariners, Rodriguez got off to a hot start. It has been 20 years since Rodriguez debuted, during which time he has amassed an incredible 654 home runs before the 2015 season and nearly 3,000 hits. A-Rod’s legacy has been tarnished a bit though, with suspensions coming from performance enhancing drug use.

In baseball the money is guaranteed: so A-Rod had a pretty large budget when buying a home. Rodriguez landed on this 20,000 square foot Miami mansion that uses the entire roof as a balcony and has two boat docks in the back “yard.” Since A-Rod is a baseball player, it’s fitting that there is a full batting cage inside the home, and we’re sure he felt safe with the nearly 20 security cameras around the complex. How else are you going to keep the angry Yankee fans away?

#9 – Georges Marciano ($24.5 Million)

Georges-MarcianoGuess Jeans, founded by Georges Marciano, were a big hit back in the 1980s. Marciano was the designer for the clothing line until 1993 when he grew tired of the industry and decided to sell his shares to his siblings, which brought him a great profit. Marciano has recently returned to the fashion design industry with a new line of jeans and high end clothing in 2015. He even has his own holiday in Los Angeles, which occurs on April 12th of each year.

Marciano had several homes, but this mansion was the most notable. When Marciano bought it he only paid $2 million, but later remodeled it which increased its value. The property sits on two acres and features a private theater and not one guest house, but two. If you like tennis or shooting pool, this home is certainly up your alley. You can fit a dozen cars into the ‘garage’ alone if you really are going all out.

#8 – Pia Zadora ($26 Million)

Pia-ZadoraPia Zadora got her start as an actress on Broadway at a very young age. Zadora went on to star in a few films, but didn’t have a huge career and even received a “Worst Actress Award” from the Golden Raspberry Academy. Pia turned her attention to country music and hit the charts with multiple songs, becoming a smash hit in Germany. It’s believed that Zadora still has a net worth of $25 million despite seeming somewhat hidden from the public eye as of late.

Residing in the beautiful Pacific Palisades, Pia Zadora’s home was bought by ABR Capital and remodeled to reflect the current listed price. The home looks identical to the typical houses of wealthy Californians seen in just about every movie, and it even comes with all the bells and whistles. Its amenities include an infinity pool and a full athletic complex to spend hours in shooting hoops or lifting weights. It’s all there – and more – waiting for you on the west coast.



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