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7 Things Batch C Corpers Should Do After P.O.P [Must Read]

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I understand the excitement that goes with passing out of service. In fact, you are so excited, you want the whole world to know. A lot of people show this by sharing their POP pictures and NYSC Certificates on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM etc. You won’t have to go for the CDS again, no more khaki trousers, no more of those heavy orange boots, and for some, no more issues with your LI and so on and so forth. You just can’t wait to pick your NYSC Certificate and run!. The Big question is, run to where?
The truth is, it’s tougher out there in the Nigerian Labour Market. As a Corper, at least you had a monthly income. But after POP, if not retained at your work place, many of you will go incomeless (if there’s a word like that) and hop into the world of job search.
The bad news is: Nobody really cares about you. It’s cold and rough out there and that’s not funny.
The good news? I care in my own little way. Consequently, I’ve compiled 7 tips to help you in this process.
..God first

1) Exchange Contacts with Others and keep in Touch:
It’s very common for most of us to get so drowned in the excitement of passing out. During your POP, don’t just pout your lips and take photos with your supposed Corper friends. Exchange phone numbers, emails, BB Pins with them and keep in touch afterwards. This way you can know what is going on in their lives and vice versa.


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