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Advertising Opportunities On Date360 | Naijablogger Online Platforms

Use Date360 Online for Phenomenal Reach!

We are delighted to introduce Date360 Online [www.date360hq.com] to you as a medium for securing additional reach to your potential market.

About Date360 Online and Benefits of Advertising on Date360ng

Each month, Date360hq.com receivesOver 1.5 MILLION visits  Monthly

–> 7 minutes average time spent per visitor


Instagram: @Date360  – 418,000 Followers

Date360 Instagram Account Analytic Report 


over 3Million weekly and Over 13Million Impressions Monthly on @Date360 Instagram handle


Twitter: @Naijablogger – 300,000 Followers

Analytics on @Naijablogger Twitter Account [Official Twitter Analytic Tool]

Over 200,000 Daily Impressions on @Naijablogger Twitter Account for July 2018


BBM CHANNELS – 130,000 Subscribers

Naijablogger BBM Channel – Channel Pin: C0019B67E

Daily updates BBM Channel – Channel Pin: C004392F5

Date360 BBM Channel – Channel Pin: C0030950B


We hasten to invite you, therefore, to add Date360 Online to your total media strategy, for maximum effect, owing to its unique advantages which, among other things, include;

a. You have immediate access to a national and global readership through a state-of-the-art `medium, the World Wide Web.

b.) Our Adverts Comes in Different Sizes.., our online advert rates are relatively modest.

c. Your ads can kill two birds with a stone by not only reaching our worldwide online readers but also serving as direct links to your corporate websites.

d. You have a choice of using still or animated advert designs//, or a combination of them.


Things you should know about Advertising on Date360hq.com [Website]

*Your advert banner will feature on every page of the website

*All ads should be sent in jpeg format to Date360tv@gmail.com no later than 2 working days prior to insertion

*Please include your company name and the URL to which your ad should link. (If available)


For your advert placements, please call – +2348131517566

Email: Date360tv@gmail.com


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