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6 Annoying Reasons Some Nigerian Girls Attend Weddings

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Everyone loves to be at a Nigerian wedding – good food, nice music, colourful atmosphere and beautiful faces. Because wedding is a once in a lifetime thing which everyone looks forward to, oftentimes they pump a lot of resources into it to make it memorable and give their guests something to muse about for a while. On the other hand, the guest attend to share from the couple’s joy and also enjoy the goodies aforementioned. However, Nigerian girls have extra motives for attending a wedding and Date360ng in this piece brings you 6 rather interesting reasons why Nigerian girls attend…

Outdo the bride: It isn’t exactly clear if they do this on purpose or its just them wanting to look extra gorgeous. What however obtains nowadays is that girls who attend weddings dress better than everybody including the bride in every sense, even if it means hiring a make up artiste to do their face. Common girl, are you trying to steal the bride’s spotlight? It is supposed to be her day!

Find Mr Right: Apart from trying to have a good time, some Nigerian girls are simply at wedding to land their own Mr Right or Mr Left as the case maybe.

Take a Million photos: From when they set out of their houses till they get to the wedding venue, its snapping and snapping and snapping. Sometimes, the official photographer for the event has a hard time covering the moments he was paid to, because the unofficial photographers (naija babes) have evaded the stage snapping away.

Showoff: Some of them just want to go showoff their latest shoe, accessories or clutch purse collection. It isn’t rare to find some who would buy the Aso ebi at all cost even if it means starving for a year just so they are counted among the big babes.


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