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How To Spot An “Olodo” In An Exam Hall

In case you don’t know what olodo means, it’s a Yoruba adjective, used to qualify an academically crippled student and I trust that many of us in tertiary institutions are very familiar with these categories of people as we have them as friends and foes

The fact that you could admit to see a part of yourself guilty of these acts does not give you the audacity to throw punches at me.

Without wasting time, here are the ways to spot them in the exam hall

1. They Tear your booklet when you fail to Teach Them

It’s said that the kingdom of God suffereth violence and violence taketh it by force, therefore, they resort to violence when they have little or nothing to write.

If they ask you for answers and you keep posting them, they will take a chill but when you their patience has been stressed to the end point they will become furious and grab your answer booklet and tear to pieces so that both of you will fail..

My course mates know me for this so they don’t hesitate to quickly open their booklets for me the moment I ask questions

2. They regularly visit the Toilet

Another way to spot them is that, when an exam is quite difficult and the chances of failure is very high, they will take excuse from invigilators to the toilet to pee after which they will go and open their books in order to cram one or two things.

Ten minutes later, they will still take another excuse.

3. They obviously look very Frustrated

The best way to spot them is that they will keep looking left and right, up and down for miracle to happen.

However, they will be looking hopeless like someone who lost his Bet9ja winning ticket.

4. They become Wailers in the exam hall

When they have nothing to write, they will begin to wail and wail and wail just like PDP tyrants (e.g my state governor, Ayo Fayose and co. ). They may start raining curses on the lecturer that set the questions and aluta may happen in that process when they will start throwing chairs just as the senate sometimes do.

5. They are found Whispering and Murmoring

I also belong to this category. They start whispering… “chairman mi how far now?, ” abeg you sabi number 1? Na God I take beg you, I purposely come sit down beside you cos I no say I no fit ever fail.

6. They ask questions and still ask for spellings

Some of them will ask you a question and while you’re sounding it out silently, they will tell you to take a pause and spell the words for them. :shocked “For example, guy abeg help me define commerce? Commerce is the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale. Guy abeg wait ooo, help me spell “activity”.. Can you imagine? smh

7. They are masquerade carriers

To be on the safe side some of them will carry expo so that when Mohammed cannot go to the mountain at least the mountain go come meet Mohammed nah.

8. They Giraffe other people’s booklets

I guess we all know that what every olodo shares in common is “giraffing” other people’s booklets.

Some of them will copy and copy and copy and unconsciously copy that person’s name and Matric No…

As for me, as I no kuku sabi book, na to sit down with people wey know am den start my giraffing mission.

9. They apply formation in sitting positions

They will parley with efikos and apply formation so that they will not be found wanting in the hall.

The best way to spot them is that they will quarrel with any invigilator who rearrange them.

You will see them looking confused like someone who just lost a relative.

10. They will burst into Tears

This is very common with the ladies. When they glance through the question paper and can’t seem to answer a question they will burst in treacherous tears..

One thing I like about guys is that you will never see them crying, rather, they will always comport themselves in a pleasing manner.

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