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Top 10 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories

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#7 – Cure for Cancer

Did you know that cancer is one of the most devastating killers in the world today? The statistics speak volumes as more than 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives while around 20 percent will actually die from it (or those harmful chemtrails). Though scientists have been working around the clock for years to develop a cure for cancer, no one has yet to even come close…or so they say.

According to Illuminati conspiracy theorists, they developed the cure for cancer years ago and have kept their cure secret by throwing scientist after scientist off the trail. What reason could they possibly have for developing the cure to cancer and not sharing it? It’s simple. The Illuminati are believed to control the pharmaceutical industry and, if cancer is no longer a threat, then the Illuminati will lose a huge portion of their revenue when expensive cancer treatments are no longer needed. Desperate to cling to their revenue and their power, the Illuminati won’t give up their secrets (if true) anytime soon.

#6 – Water Car

Do you remember the episode on That 70’s Show where Hyde repeatedly tells his friends of a secret society that holds back the development of a car that runs on water? What about the episode on The Simpsons when the secret society known as The Stonecutters hold back the electric car? Car theories have been extremely popular on television as many people around the world believe that the technology needed to make a car that runs purely on electricity or water is feasible today.

Much like the cure for cancer, however, theorists have a sinister reason behind why the Illuminati won’t introduce a car that runs solely on water. With their hands in the pharmaceutical industry, the Illuminati’s influence in the oil industry is just as prominent meaning that when cars no longer run on fuel, they’ll lose some of their power and their wealth. Even if basing your business model on a non-renewable source seems a bit short-sighted, you could easily see why a secret society like the Illuminati wouldn’t want water-powered cars on the streets.



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