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Top 12 World’s Wealthiest Men Of All Time + Net Worth!

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Bill Gates may have billions of dollars, but not even the Microsoft mogul can match the astounding wealth of these money mavens! An inflation-adjusted list of Celebrity Net Worth has determined the richest people of all time, and some of them might surprise you! From manufacturing billionaires to 14th-century rulers, see who made the top ten!

Fun Facts About The Richest People Who Ever Lived:

  1. These billionaires control a combined $4.317 trillion!
  2. The richest people ever are all men. Sadly No women cracked the top 25.
  3. 14 out of the 25 people are Americans.
  4. Bill Gates is the richest American and the richest person still alive on this list.
  5. Carlos Slim Helu, the former richest person in the world, did not even crack the top 20.

So sit back, get a drool bucket and check out the richest people who ever lived, inflation adjusted.




Bill Gates established his fortune founding the software company Microsoft.



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