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MUST SEE: 8 Ways Excessive Salt is Hurting Your Body

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eat-less-salt-sodium4. Cognitive abilities deteriorate
Increase in blood pressure is linked to brain troubles. People consuming excessive salt and following a sedentary lifestyle can make their bodies prone to a decline in cognitive abilities. So avoid a high salt-diet and exercise for approximately 30 minutes every day for a healthy body, which is mentally as well as physically fit.

5. Kidney problems
Kidneys play an important role in filtering the waste products from the blood. Its failure can cause an imbalance of fluids in blood, abnormal blood rate and ultimately death. High blood pressure can cause kidney failure as it causes extra strain on the arteries, which ultimately leads to kidney failure. According to a study, when people with kidney disease consumed less amount of salt, they saw an improvement in their kidney behaviour, indirectly stating that consumption of salt is indirectly linked to kidney health.

6. Salt cravings

It is often said that people who have a habit of consuming higher amounts of salt, make their taste buds crave for it even more. So as to satisfy those cravings, it’s suggested to opt for salt substitutes in spite of consuming salt directly. For example, while looking for a seasoning for your salads, instead of sprinkling salt over it, go for cayenne pepper. Try such equally tasty substitutes to reduce unnecessary sodium intake.



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