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Meet The Talented Enterprenuer Who Picks Bottle Caps (See What He Does With Them)

There are many ways to make money and this man has just shown it once again… Pictured is Kapeya Kangolo, a Zambian enterprenuer popularly known as ‘Spider’ who visits bars and restaurants, not for pleasure but to collect bottle caps for his business.

The man’s talent involves the use of bottle tops, wire, and pieces of metal to turn what might have ended up in the trash into pen-holders, toothbrush-holders, book racks and magazine-holders. He also makes earrings, bar counter stools, lounge chairs, tables and picture frames.

‘Spider’ has now received sponsorship from Zambian Breweries under its Kick-Start, a Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP), which has come on board to help him purchase the machinery that he needed for the manufacture of his products.
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