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15 Things Men Say When They’re NOT Into You

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9. “You’re like a sister to me.”

You know how we tend to tell guys that they’re “like a brother” in order to make sure they understand that we don’t see them in a certain way? Well, this is the reverse of this classic statement.

10. “I’d love to hang out, but you know, I’m really busy with a lot of other things this month. Maybe next month?”

Hint: He’s delaying the meetups because he doesn’t want to give you the idea that there’s a possibility of the two of you together. It’s really that simple. Guys will delay because they don’t want to reject.

11. “No fatties.”

If a guy says this, he’s not into you — and that’s OK. He’s got such an ugly personality that no amount of plastic surgery could ever fix him. (By the way, you totally have our permission to make a scene if he does this.)

12. “This really isn’t going anywhere.”

This is one of the more blunt, but polite, ways of saying that it’s not going to happen. Be chill about it, and accept it as a mature person.

13. “I’d love to date you, but I don’t think my parents/workplace/hamster would approve.”

When guys want to let a girl down gently, they will do what they can to try to preserve a girl’s feelings. This will include coming up with a polite excuse that isn’t them. If he’s saying his parents would forbid it, just assume he’s not interested and move on.

14. “You’re going to make some guy really happy.”

We say it to guys, guys will say it right back to us. It’s best to just accept it and keep on moving on.

15. “I honestly think we’d be better friends than lovers.”

In this case, he might actually want to be your friend. And, that’s OK. You never know what may happen in the future.


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