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Checkout Davido’s hilarious reaction to Wizkid’s new pet goat

Wizkid got everyone laughing yesterday when he announced that he now has a new pet goat and requested for assistance on what name he should give the pet. A lot of his fans gave suggestions and some even suggested ‘Wizgoat’. One of the people that reacted to the Wizkid’s pet story is Davido and his reaction was funny.

While everyone else anticipates the slaughtering of the singer’s pet, Davido couldn’t help but be amused at the kind of pet his brother in music got. Davido posted the photo of the pet goat and he captioned it:

Wizkid don buy goat oo lmao

Checkout Davido's hilarious reaction to Wizkid's new pet goat lailasnews 3

Well, it all looks like the bond of these young celebrities is getting stronger by the day as they seem to always follow each other’s updates on social media. They are surely the most notable Nigerian celebrities at the moment with the highest numbers of followers as well.

Well, it wasn’t like this before, especially in the early part of the year 2017 when their beef was so strong that everything the other did was always not done right. They surprised many when they reunited at Wizkid’s concert in December and it became the talk of the town.

Checkout Davido's hilarious reaction to Wizkid's new pet goat lailasnews 2

Wizkid reciprocated the love at Davido’s 30billion Concert and since then the staunch enemies have been brothers giving support to each other. Wizkid was even present at his friend’s recently held concert in the UK and they both had an electrifying performance to the delights of their fans.

To show that their love is getting stronger, Wizkid literally advised his friend to shun haters recently when a fan said Davido is not worth anything. Davido had earlier replied the fan asking him what he knew about worth and then Wizkid chipped in saying:

OBO, leave them jare, them no know anything



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