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4 Useful Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Know About

1. Determine who can see your old posts I’m préty sure we’ve all got old Facebook posts that are totally cringe-worthy and we’ll all definitely sleep better at night if we’re certain those old posts don’t get seen by the wrong people. All you need  to do is head to …

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MUST READ: 10 Things You Should Never Do Before Bed

Read on for some of the things you should never do before bed — especially if you want a calming and restoring night’s sleep. 1. Stare Deeply Into Your Electronics We all know not to do it, so here’s your gentle reminder: stop using electronics before bed. This includes watching TV, texting, checking …

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15 Awkward Things We Have All Done (No. 8 Is So True)

These are 15 little things we all do and it’s about to get extremely (you guessed it) awkward: 1. Look at your phone every two seconds while waiting for a text That phantom pocket buzz is so tricky. 2. Pretend you have plans to get out of something It’s a …

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